Monday, April 23, 2007

State Spring Meeting

I went to the Women’s Council of Realtors® Spring meeting Friday 4/20/07. Bill Martin filled us in with the political information we need to know.
These approximate statistics were given:
GM Paid Medical Leave 7000 people
GM Job Bank 8000 people
GM Lay Off 5000 people
GM Union Officials 1500 people
21,000 people, paid non production people

Toyota 28,000 total work force.

How can GM compete?

When the Governor attempted to pass the 2% tax increase, the Realtors® Association was the only Association that stood and fought back. We sent 10,000 emails to 2 days. That’s awesome.
Bill said any tax increases at this time scheduled for review are Real Estate friendly to the purchaser, seller and all involved in transactions.

He talked about the current infrastructures’ in our township and county governments. Most infrastructures are still operating as originally built. The infrastructures must change to accommodate growing public needs. Infrastructure includes the way the governments are currently controlled and the taxation process.
Many people didn’t know the government was attempting to pass a bill that allowed property taxes to the same for 18 months after purchase. The bill was voted down. The fear was, after 18 months the taxes would adjust out of control. Another reason for the defeat was the transfer tax on the sale of the property would go up as well.

Donna Batdorff, from Western Michigan Chapter gave great information for advertising.
Western Wayne currently is airing a commercial, 50+ times a week for $120.00 per month on the local cable Real Estate channel. The commercial asks, “Is your Realtors® a Women’s Council of Realtors® Realtor? If not, maybe you should ask them to join.” It’s a great commercial. They don’t anticipate calls from the ad, but they do and are getting Women’s Council of Realtors® recognition.
She also showed us a Power Point presentation that runs in the back ground of every meeting. The Power Point explains the benefits of belonging to Women’s Council of Realtors® and explains the benefits of Sponsorship for the Women’s Council of Realtors®. It’s awesome. She will be putting on the website so we may download and tweak for our chapters. The only issue I see, we must have a projector for the meetings. This cost is $300-$600.
Donna, “Thank You” for showing us such great information.
Monica discussed how important RPAC is. She is right. RPAC is working for buyer, sellers, Realtors® and the overall health of real estate.
Did you know Nationally Charter Banks do not have to obey state regulations? RPAC is fighting to keep them out of real estate.

Women’s Council of Realtors® Mixer at MAR! The Hospitality Committee will be asking each chapter to donate $50.00 if they can for the mixer, “Sorointini” Monday Sept. 24th, $20.00 7pm-10pm Soaring Eagles.
Women’s Council of Realtors® with MAR will be offering Roberts Rules of Order with 2 Con Ed credits. Tentative date Sept. 27, time to be announced.

The Education Committee is attempting to arrange Roberts Rules of Order be a part of the yearly Michigan Women’s Council of Realtors® Leadership Day! Good Job!
Well, I was typing this for my chapter, so I thought I would add it to the blog for those that couldn’t attend.

My, oh my moment Carla Webb is the Michigan Women’s Council of Realtors® Biker Chick. Carla likes to ride, skydive and bridge dive. Oh my!

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