Monday, March 19, 2007

Evite and paypal

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great fun year!

I was asked to comment on using Pay Pal with the Evite. I love it.

I attempted to use the Pay Pal provided with the Evite, that Pay Pal click didn’t work correctly. I happen to be browsing in another website and ran across the Pay Pal screen that would work for our chapter. I called Pay Pal; they are very easy to speak with. They explained the proper link that I needed. I created the words, connected the link and pasted to the Evite.

Every month I have to change the month information and the cost if there is a charge change. The process is very simple.

The first time we used Pay Pal we had 1 taker. For the Salesfest we had a few more and with the March meeting even more. The cost for using Pay Pal is $1.20 per transaction.

The chapter had the membership vote for the use of Pay Pal. The chapter agreed to increase the cost of the Business Resource Meetings from $16.00 member’s fee and $19.00 non member fee to a straight $18.00 across the board fee. We know many chapter use the price difference as an enticement to join, but we figured we just need to stick to the 2 time visit rule.

Our chapter has never made money on the Business Resource Meetings. We have taken losses because people made the reservation and didn’t show up and didn’t pay for the lunch. Thanks to Evite, for the first time we made money on our January meeting. $300+. We didn’t pay for lunches that weren’t paid for.

Like everything else in life, try it, if you like it use it. Most importantly, keep your membership involved in the discussion so they will embrace the new concept.

I put this on MOCA too!

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WCR Saginaw said...


Nice write up. You do a great job.

Angie Ridley said...

Thank you. I have started a new bolg myself. I will be adding wcr info to the blog also posting hte info here. if you have a personal blog, please,l I'd love to get ideas.