Monday, April 23, 2007

Mega Conference Florida 2007

I went to Mega Conference in Fort Lauderdale Fl.
My Opinion. This activity would be wonderful for a President Elect. I as a President enjoyed the networking; however, I do wish I had the networking classes offered before I became president of the chapter.
Overview: Networking…Education about approaching people standing alone.
When in a room of people, focus on the person you are with. Don’t look around to see who else is in the room.
Don’t answer your cell phone, most have voice mail.
Take the Blue Tooth out of your head J
Small talk starts about objects then leads to personal. Conversation is 2 way. Statement, Question then reveal about you. You must reveal about yourself so the conversation don’t turn into an interrogation.

Podcast, Blogs and More….these are the networking tools of the 21st century. Your clients you don’t know yet are watching you on your website and blog. They want to know you before they call you.

Free Blogs are available and is a blog for the realtor community. Personally, I like a blog I can use categories on.

RRS feeds are HOT! You don’t know when someone gets an RSS feed from your blog. Every time you blog, the feed is sent to the possible clients email.

Make still shots seem like they are moving with Microsoft’s photo story.

Setting Action Plans… Smart Plan
Leaders should set specific goals to be accomplished for their year. Keep the action plan visible. Make sure the team knows the goals and is recognized for the accomplishments.

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Flint Area Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors
This Week in Real Estate Board of Directors, 2007 President
Flint Chapter Women’s Council of REALTORS®, 2007 President

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