Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inspiring Conversations

Hello Everyone
I attended the Birmingham Bloomfield Chapter Meeting on 6-12-07. Their topic was "Inspiring Conversations" The Speaker Marta Dabis. It really made you stop and listen to what people are saying. This is something we need to start at the State and move thru our Chapters. Virginia Tatseos is certified in Inspiring Conversations. She at one time offered to bring it to the Local Chapters board meetings and to the general meeting. No one appeared to get it.
This would be great at our Leadership Training in October. Our future leaders might want to get in touch with Virginia Tatseos.
Very enlighting program for Managers, Brokers, all real estate people and really just about everyone. Please consider this.
Betty Barbour, GRI, LTG, PMN Re/Max 100 - CommerceAssociate Broker/Notary2006/2007 WCR Governor

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