Thursday, May 24, 2007

National Women's Council of Realtors Restructure

A Presidential Task Force will be formed to revisit the Governance Restructure Proposition ** per Beth Pressler May 24th 2007.

Some of you know this, some of you don’t. Women’s Council of Realtors® is restructuring the way the national governance is now operated. They would like to see a smaller group of people make the decision so decisions can be made on the fly. The smaller group of people would be a diverse group. Of course there is good and bad to this, change is difficult for many people. The current plan is being revisited as Beth said above.

While in DC a red flag went up in my head and Stephanie’s. We are wondering if another part to the restructuring is to eliminate the state level. I’ll explain. We were in our regional meeting; this meeting consists of Michigan and other states. We are called Region 2. Wisconsin is part of Region 2. Wisconsin currently does not have a state level govern team. They have 3 or 4 chapters, plenty of people and would like to create a state level team. National Committee has told them “no”. In our meeting a National Committee member was speaking and the Wisconsin person asked the question out loud for all of us to hear. The National Committee member let her know it wasn’t in their best interest at this time, and then proceeded to avoid any more questions on that topic.

For those that attended that meeting, what were your thoughts?

Angie Ridley
Flint Chapter LCP

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