Sunday, April 29, 2007

License Verification

Office Policy for License Verification
Please feel free to copy, paste and tweak to meet your needs.

I have found 2 people in the past month schedule showings and write offers that were not legal agents.

Complete Realty, LLC New Office Policy: Every agent that calls to see a home, the state license # must be verified through the state of Michigan website. State of Michigan License and Verification On-line Service The persons license must match the business they are stating they are with.

It doesn't matter if you know this agent or not. The license must be verified. If you find the license is with a school, the person probably is not able to practice real estate. The school must be notified of the request and approve that the person is able to conduct business.

Since you are on your system confirming this information, save the page to your listing file, or email the information to me to save in the office listing file. For every offer written on a property listed with Complete Realty, LLC license verification must be attached.

Law suites are flying because of agents practicing illegally. This is a service to your client, your broker and the real estate industry.

Angie Ridley, Broker / Notary
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